No more sleep for me

I found my tamagotchi

Beep beep feed me beep

Another Limerick

There once was a young college grad

who needed a job really bad.

So she applied to the mob,

and found a bank to rob.

Now she stars in her own wanted ad.

My good friend Joey DeSantis wrote this poem. It sums up pretty much everything right now:

I wrote a poem today, and it is for everyone who hasn’t figured out their life yet, at all. 

He was a hole in the head
There was
Space where his brain should have been
Teeming with nerves all writhing
Flashing in sync and fidgeting purposefully
A classroom of kids all miraculously talking about the homework

His frontal cortex and his limbic system had gone missing
Or maybe they were just hiding
Lying in fetal position between two viable radio stations
The big knob purposefully set in a quiet and unattractive direction
And he comfortably lost between the folds of static
Going places no one else had yet dreamed of

A Limerick

There once was a girl who didn’t sleep.
At night she didn’t dare make a peep.
For instead she was counting,
The number of bugs, which was mounting,
How she wished she could just count some sheep.

A New Job Haiku.

I am so tired.
Losing my body functions.
There goes some dribble.

Haikus Brought to You by Finals Week

Annoying homework.
I don’t need long division.
I am an actress.

The 8th floor of Bobst.
Stranger in the library.
You smell like onions.

I eat my salad,
Text, and watch last night’s Mad Men.
Library badass.

Another Limerick


There once was a boy who liked to eat.

And muffins were his favorite treat.

But they were too crumbly

so his stomach was always grumbly.

Eating muffins is no easy feat.



In the library

I eat my crunchy carrots

Cause I’m a baller.